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Heavy Storm Destroys 47 houses in the Kutama area, South Africa

December 19, 2011 – Nealy 50 families from Tshikhwarani, Manavhela, Muduluni and Madodonga in the Kutama area were left stranded last Thursday afternoon, when a big storm, accompanied by rain, damaged their homes and uprooted trees. Mrs Josephina Mbedzi of Tshikhwarani lost her one-roomed house and all the goods inside were damaged. “When the storm started, I was inside the house. I thought of hiding inside the wardrobe, but I became very afraid. The wind blew the roof off and I was left in the roofless ruin,” she said.

According to Mrs Kutama Maseakhole of Muduluni, whose RDP house was severely damaged, the wind swept through the village, leaving everyone trying to take cover. Soon big raindrops pelted down. This was followed by loud cracks of thunder and streaks of lightning, which lit the darkened neighbourhood. The situation worsened for her, as deafening sounds started coming from the roof. Most of the victims are from the poor rural area, where most of the people are unemployed.



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