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Liquefaction Following Christchurch Earthquakes

December 24, 2011 – There is the possibility more areas of Christchurch could be red-zoned after yesterday’s strong earthquakes. Christchurch was rocked by two powerful tremors in quick succession yesterday afternoon, which forced evacuations from buildings. Since midnight there have been 23 aftershocks, with the last one just before 2.30pm. Many of today’s shakes were around magnitude 3, but the biggest, at 6:37am this morning, was magnitude 5.1. Most of the quakes were centred around the same area – off the coast, about 10 kilometres east of Christchurch.

The ongoing tremors mean many areas of Christchurch are still dangerous. The Port Hills pose a risk of rock falls, and authorities are urging people to steer clear, unless they live there. In the eastern suburbs, many residents are cleaning up liquefaction for the third, fourth or even fifth time this year. Parklands residents have said that they want their land rezoned red once and for all.

“We’ve had enough – we can’t keep doing this, this will happen again, and again,” said resident Geoff Cooke.



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