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2011-2012 Mass Animal Deaths

A shift in climate is being blamed for millions of dead fish in the Philippines


To see the extremely lengthy list of sourced mass animal deaths in 2011, visit Paradigm’s Bend. You’ll understand why it could not be included in this post.


Jan 1) Arkansas, USA: Dozens of dead blackbirds fall again one year after 5000 fell last year to the day

Jan 2) Kvaenes, Norway: 20 tons of dead herring wash up then disappear

Jan 2) Arkansas, USA: 100,000 drum fish cover 20-miles of river

Jan 4) Ireland: Number of beached whales hits all-time high

Jan 4) Ghana: 3,000 dead fish found in reservoir

Severe trauma is to blame for over 5000 black bird deaths in Arkansas of Jan, 2011

Jan 4) Parangua, Brazil: 100 tons of fish wash up (sardine, croaker, catfish) one year to 100 tons of Jan, 2011

Jan 5) Coromandel, NZ: Dead fish “as far as the eye can see” reported by several on vacation

Jan 5) Whales pop up all over

Stephenville, NL: Long-finned whale washes up on shore

South Island, NZ: 25 long-finned whales wash up, seven die in stranding

Birchington, UK: Minke whale washes up on beach, necropsy shows animal died of hunger with no food in it’s 3 stomachs

Wales, UK: Two rare kemp’s ridley turtles wash up on beach thousands of miles from their natural habitat

Jan 7) FL, USA: Thousands of dead fish wash up, experts downplay significance

Jan 8) MT, USA: Disease kills 90% of white-tailed deer along 100-mile stretch of river

Jan 9) India: Hundreds of crows found dead, bird flu suspected

Jan 9) Swaziland: Chemical poisons hundreds of fish

– To keep you up to date on the mass animal deaths worldwide, I will be making a similar post to this once or twice a month.


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