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7.3 Magnitude EQ – Off the West Coast of Northern Sumatra

At approximately 18:37:01 UTC on Wednesday, January 10th, an earthquake based on water struck at a depth of 29.1km (18.1 miles) off the West coast of Northern Sumatra, 423 km (262 miles) SW of Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Within two hours after the quake there were 4 aftershocks under 5.0 in magnitude. Coords: 2.396°N, 93.175°E

United States Geological Survey – The event has been reviewed by a seismologist and confirmed, at present, to be a 7.3 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 18.1 miles.  The European Mediterranean Seismology Agency (EMSC) has the earthquake, at present, to be Mw 7.2 magnitude at a depth of just 10km.


According to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center there is no warning issued for a tsunami from this 7.3 magnitude earthquake. There is a very small possibility of a local tsunami that could affect coastal areas no further than 100km from the earthquake epicenter.



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