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Nyamuragira Volcano Continues to Erupt with Lava Fountains and Lava Flow

Lava fountain and the active lava flow emerging from the breach of the erupting flank cone of Nyamuragira volcano (8 Jan 2012)

The eruption at Nyamuragira volcano (DR Congo) continues with lava fountains 50-150 m high, ejections of incandescent bombs reaching up to 600 m, and the emission of an aa lava flow from the second (eastern) vent.

Our expedition group just returned from a visit to the area on 8 Jan and a series of spectacular images and videos is now available.

Photo Friday: Erupting Volcano Keeps Going…and Going (Virunga National Park website)

Check out this video of the intense eruption.

…(Volcano Discovery)

Auroras and city lights aren’t the only things on Earth visible from space. The images below showing the Nyamuragira Volcano and its surrounding areas were recently taken aboard NASA’s Observing-1 satellite. Unlike the false volcanic activity in New Zealand caused by overzealous concert goers, Africa’s most active volcano started erupting in November 2011 — and has continued into the new year. The first picture shows layers of old and fresh molten rock — partly the product of 1,000′ tall lava fountains Nyamuragira spouted back in November — in their natural earthy colors.

Also visible are plumes of smoke rich in sulfur dioxide. The second image has more vivid and pronounced hues, thanks to shortwave and near-infrared filters. You can clearly see the hot lava flows and the crater of a neighboring volcano glowing in bright orange.

NASA’s Earth Observing-1 satellite is equipped with advanced land imaging instruments, and has been taking pictures of our planet for the past 11 years.



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