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Semeru Volcano: Alert Level Raised to 3 after Increased Activity

A slight increase in activity of Semeru volcano’s activity has been observed by the Indonesian Geological Survey in recent weeks and its alert level was raised to 3 (out of 4, “watch”) on 3 February 2012, after it had been on level 2 since 16 July 2009.

Only small to moderate eruptions had been occurring over most of the past year. Between 29 December and 15 January, 8 explosions were counted which produced ash clouds up to 600 m high. One explosion threw incandescent bombs to a distance of 300 m from the Jonggring Seloko crater. During 15-29 Jan, only weak explosions were recorded and a small steam and ash plume rising 25-50m.

Between 30 and 31 Jan, 5 explosions were recorded. They produced incandescent fallout in up to 400 m distance. On 02 February, 07:47 local time, a stronger explosion produced incandescent bombs that reached 750 m distance and caused a small avalanche of blocks rolling down a distance of up to 2.5 km ( no pyroclastic flows). The heightened activity triggered the raise in alert level the following day.

At its present level, PVMBG recommends to stay away at least 4 km from the summit on the SE side of the volcano and climbers are advised not to approach the Jonggring Seloko crater less than 1 km.

As of 6 February, no significant changes to its activity have been reported by our correspondent.

…(Volcano Discovery)


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