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Mysterious Induction of Energy on Jan 10, 2012

Above: A sensitive receiver tuned to a frequency of 30 MHz. Curves represent the greatest noise that is heard. You can see the clear induction at 12:00 UTC

Yesterday, Jan 10th, there was a huge absorption of energy into the ionosphere. A disturbance in the horizontal layer of the outer most part of our magnetic field is present, on the side of Earth directed away from the Sun at the time. This is not to directly state that there were forces at work pumping in energy prior to the 7.3 magnitude earthquake we had at 18:00, but let’s look at the science. When there is a large induction of energy present, it is injected into our protective layers, it all gets captured by the magnetic field lines and bunches up together like a coil as it is literally injected into the Earth. See image below and to the right.

At 12:00:00 UTC we had a clear influx of the total electron content, you can view a clear variation in the induction magnetometer. So, the question remains, where did this energy come from? If you look at the solar side of things you can see a clear induction of energy at 12 but nothing was going on with regards to solar winds. We have to rule out cosmic rays as well as they were about as low as they can be at this time. Proton and electron flux was at a low as well, and that’s really how you measure the amount of energy coming from the Sun. A few others are looking into this at present to see what really happened. It’s clear that something did happen by how much electromagnetic energy was absorbed, what exactly is not so clear. With regards to the earthquake, it is just strange to see us amped up like this before such an injection would occur.

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